Of #Mollis and #KOT: Is it worth all the fuss?


Mafisi Sacco: A term in Kenyan slang that gained popularity because of #Mollis (Photo courtesy of nairobiwire.com)

By Jeanne Ongiyo

It is not news now that Kenyans on Twitter popularly known as KOT can make excellent citizen journalists. Trust KOT for any news feed…be it a chief stealing chicken in the remote village of Shamakhokho or the Head of State tumbling down after missing a step on the stairs. Not only do these ‘journalists’ give you a comprehensive account of what happened but they also have visual aids in the form of memes to support they views and of course present the news on a lighter note.

#Mollis has been a trending topic for the better part of this glorious 6th day of August owing to some recording that was allegedly leaked by yours truly…Mollis. The lad in question apparently decided to test the power of his recording device to capture the pleas of an unknown female who according to many was being ‘raped’ by Mollis. The audio clip which is 3 or so minutes long documents an agonizing and somewhat weird event that leaves all puzzled at first.

KOT have also taken sides in discussing this matter with some turning into feminists and condemning the act while others choose to salute Mollis for being a true ‘legend’…whatever that means. I only know of legends like Wangari Maathai who planted trees where there were none (see what I did there..LOL!)

This #Mollis brought out the notion that it is only in Kenya where one’s call for help becomes humorous because they have an ethnically influenced accent. The memes generated by the technologically advanced KOT with sophisticated communication gadgets add insult to injury with most if not all of them making fun of the situation and linking Mollis to every relatable animal or movie character known to posses immense strength. Chuck Norris, famed for his iconic role in the series ‘Walker Texas Ranger’ has now become ‘Chuck Mollis’ while photos of lions chasing gazelles in the wild with the caption “Mollis nimeshoka, nimesallenda” seem to be the highlight on almost all timelines. This will somehow also affected the church since singing the popular hymn “I surrender all” in church is bound to raise eyebrows over the next month or so.

All in all, I believe that all the attention this audio clip is attracting is absolute nonsense. I mean, it’s all fun and games when this Mollis character is taking advantage of this seemingly naive female but it becomes a totally different matter if the particular female was actually your mother, aunt, sister or better yet…your daughter. How far is too far to discuss such sensitive matters on social media and why has it become so easy to record and share such content? Is it the permisiveneness of the society or will we still shrug and blame it all on Westernization, like we always do?

Some ‘professional audio analysts’ (if they even exists) have also come out to defend the recording stating that it is only stage managed and that we should all just sit back and calm whatever it is we need to calm down. Well, excuse me any many others for not being experts when it comes to distinguishing between what is genuine and stage managed! It however doesn’t justify the fact that the acclamation in reference to the recording is a mirror of what the society takes prides in and associates it to.

Gone are the days when sex was sacred and everything that happened actually stayed between the involved parties and the confines of the location where the act took place. #Mollis has been an interesting trend to follow but we need to find the solution to such menaces before they get out of hand and affect future generations. #Mollis is only here to entertain us today and make us break a rib or two but at the end of the day it will not put food on the table or restore sanity to Kenya if no action is taken against this Mollis fellow. Such recordings should not be shared unless they are shared with the intention of making the society a better place or rather to warn the general population of impeding dangers, which the recording somewhat did.

Let’s go back to #ArrestPastorNganga and #1MilliForJadudi which make more sense and unite us as Kenyans and at the same time portray Kenya in the image and likeness that we have strived to achieve. All in all, if you know a person who knows a person who knows Mollis, kindly let him know that whatever he did is barbaric and sheepish…just saying.


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