Job seeker’s rant KE: Recruiter From Hell

As a job-seeker in the modern world, it is almost unavoidable to interact with a recruitment agency or two.

A recruitment agency is an institution that headhunts and matches employers to employees who fit the various job descriptions in their organizations. Since the recruitment agency takes up most of the responsibility to test the candidates’ capabilities and later give results, most organizations nowadays find their services more efficient and less time consuming.

Many companies these days have sought the services of a variety of recruitment agencies to look for suitable candidates intended to fill vacant positions within their companies. Though feedback from the agencies to the client is perceived to be well-researched, accurate and only the best candidates are presented for hiring, little is known about the experiences candidates go through while in the hands of the ‘trusted’ recruitment agencies.

Let’s face it…Without applicants, recruitment agencies will not exist. And without applicants, many organizations would be under-staffed or they would otherwise lack qualified professionals in their midst. It is then safe to say that applicants/ candidates are the bridge between recruitment agencies and their clients. Therefore it is up to the management team behind every recruitment agency to ensure that they meet the required standards and take their work with utter seriousness when handling the applicants.

There are obviously good and bad recruitment agencies and without a doubt candidates who dislike recruitment agencies must have had an awful experience with a bad agency. With this in mind, here is how to stop a bad recruitment agency.

As a candidate, if the recruitment agency charges you for the services rendered then that is a red flag! Do not pay the agency at any point of your interaction because the fees are paid by the client that will eventually hire you if you are successful.

You will more often than not have a one-on-one interview with a consultant in the recruitment agency. If this particular consultant seems not to be well informed about the subject you are discussing then consider yourself a victim of a bad recruitment agency. All consultants in recruitment agencies are expected to be conversant with the job requirements as well as the various industries that the client seeks to get candidates for.

It is common sense that job-seeking and interviews are among the most humbling experiences in life to date. Such situations require great honesty and composure when answering questions asked.  It will therefore be fishy if the consultant is not generally inquisitive about the responses you provide or they do not do any background checks by contacting any of your references.

Despite the fact that the end result of your interview with the consultant will be the deciding factor separating you from your dream job, a consultant should never come across as intimidating or overpowering. An interview should be like a conversation between two people learning more about each other and not an interrogation. However, be sure not to come out as too relaxed during the interview. That might cost you!


Walking into a recruitment agency for an interview means you have searched and applied for a job that you believe suits you best. You should not be interviewed for any job position other than the one you initially applied for. Some consultants may seem to steer you away from your career interests by forcefully recommending job opportunities other than the one you initially wanted. They are probably doing this because once you give in they will earn some commission once the deal is sealed. The consultant may look like he/she has your best interests at heart but at the end of the day…don’t say no one warned you!





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