Prostrate Cancer: A silent Death

By Jeanne Ongiyo According to the American Cancer Society, prostrate cancer is the most common cancer among men after skin cancer but it can often be treated successfully if detected at an earlier stage. Cancer is the third highest cause of morbidity after cardio-vascular and infectious diseases contributing to 7% of deaths in Kenya annually. 60% of Kenyan men affected by prostrate cancer are below … Continue reading Prostrate Cancer: A silent Death

Cheer up…have a Coke Break!

Coca-Cola has always taken pride in the fact that it’s major product, Coke, has been able to bring the aspect of happiness whenever it is shared among peers or family members. Coca-Cola has managed to do this over the years by making sure that the product is readily available in all leading supermarkets or convenience stores at a reasonable price and chilled to the desirable … Continue reading Cheer up…have a Coke Break!

Drinking our way to the top!

Since inception, the first two seasons of Coke Studio have been able to not only gain a huge following both on social media and other conventional forms of media but it has also been able to propel the participants to greater heights. The concerts organized by Coca-Cola in partnership with a wide range of African musicians have benefited the participants and have also directly worked … Continue reading Drinking our way to the top!

Coca-Cola: An icon of family and happiness

During my childhood, all that mattered to me was having new clothes, an uncountable number of toys and of course bonding with my family members over a sumptuous meal. More often than not I would shy away from eating my mother’s specialty, ugali and barbecue, but she would easily lure my appetite and made me eat everything that was served to me by occasionally handing … Continue reading Coca-Cola: An icon of family and happiness

What Reason Do You Have To Believe in Africa

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…These are the proverbial words of Confucius which bear great meaning in relation to the progress that Coca Cola has made since inception. From its humble beginning in Atlanta in 1886 Coca Cola has been able to reach a wider market spreading across all eight continents and establishing them as one of the renown beverage … Continue reading What Reason Do You Have To Believe in Africa